Work book (+ 2 CDs)

Release: 2010
Price: 25,00 € (without shipping costs, buy directly from us)

The workbook Baobab includes nine songs for young guitar- and mandolin players. With each song, the book offers a simple melody with chords to a more elaborated score for band/orchestra. For the student there is also room to improvise. The workbook Baobab is suitable for beginners, but also for advanced. The Play-Along CD and Listen To Baobab CD are a pleasant help by playing the songs. The book is written in Dutch and German.

Malaika – Traditional

The Baobab Groove – M. & M.A. Wiesenekker

I’m on the Battlefield for my Lord – S. Bell & E.V. Banks

Catfish Blues – Traditional

Hunting Song – Traditional

Whiskey before Breakfast – Traditional

Waiting at my Window – M.A. Wiesenekker

Put it in a Basket – M. & M. A. Wiesenekker

Santa Cruz – M. & M. A. Wiesenekker

The Listen to Baobab CD and Play along CD are recorded with the following musicians: