score and parts

Release: May 2018
Price: 20,00 € (without shipping costs, buy directly from us)

We proudly present this new edition of three duets for mandolin and guitar which we composed around 2000. Handwritten scores and coffee stains a-plenty… it was time for a revision! As a bonus we have added a fourth piece: Songbird for two mandolins.


(Return of the Doodlebug) is our answer to Maikäfer, a composition by Marlo Strauß. The different moods and insights of this insect are further explored by groovy chords, special effects and rapid movements. The “Maikäfer” is back in town!



With a meditation on Hendrix’s Third Stone from the Sun. This piece is portraying an endless landscape in which one can see beyond the horizon. Plains gets their bright characteristic sound from the open chords, long lasting tremolos and arpeggios. Somewhere in the middle, the guitar quotes the melody of the Third Stone from the Sun. See if you can find it!



A cheerful duet in the tradition of old time fiddle music for early birds or night hawks. Typical are the use of the resonating open strings, the constant movement of the right hand and to make it “bluegrassy”, some nice chop-chords. Early bird or night hawk, songbirds are for everyone!



A fast country rag. The mission of the mandolin-player: shoot as fast as your shadow! The mission of the guitarist: keep ‘em in the saddle! We liked the title and the song so much, that we named one of our albums after this song. 🙂