Wouldn't Listen 2000-2020

Release date: 2020

price: € 12,50 (how to order, see below)

21 tracks from the following albums:

Family Life (2020)
Saevis Tranquillus in Undis (2016)
Baumstrasse 14 (2013)
May we have this Dance? (2010)
de single Beresjiet (2008)
The Inner Sound & Beyond (2004)
Wouldn’t Listen (2000)

The Compilation

We had a lot of fun making this digital audio compilation and remembering the different mandolins and guitars we used for the recordings, and of course still use. Most of the tracks are taken from albums released 2013-2020 on our label Wouldn’t Listen and there are also other released tracks 2000-2010. For detailed information and special guest personnel, please view the PDF.

We hope you enjoy this first Wiesenekker compilation!

  01. CooCoo Bird (Traditional)
  02. Canyon (M. & P.A. & M.A. Wiesenekker)
  03. Romance (N. Paganini)
  04. Van Amsterdam naar Wuppertal (M. & M.A. Wiesenekker)
  05. Blue Jazz (M. & M.A. Wiesenekker)
  06. Concerto in Do Maggiore rv 425 (A. Vivaldi)
  07. Di Saposjkelach (Traditional)
  08. Baby Blue (M. & P.A. & M.A. Wiesenekker)
  09. A very very very Sad Song (M. & M.A. Wiesenekker)
  10. Valtzer Fantastico (E. Marucelli)
  11. Mexican Nights & De Witte Stier (M. & M.A. Wiesenekker)
  12. Shake Mama (M.A. Wiesenekker)
  13. Mokum (M. & M.A. Wiesenekker)
  14. Jewgrass (O. Waitze & M. & M.A. Wiesenekker)
  15. Desert Waltz (M. Wiesenekker)
  16. Mein süßes Lieb (H. Heine, M. & M.A. Wiesenekker)
  17. Cordeleta (M. Wiesenekker)
  18. Beresjiet: dag 4 – zon, maan, sterren (M. Wiesenekker)
  19. Beresjiet: dag 5 – vissen & vogels (M. Wiesenekker)
  20. Hommagio a Giovanni Gioviale (M. & M.A. Wiesenekker)
  21. May we have this Dance? (M. & M.A. Wiesenekker)

How to Order

This digital audio compilation is exclusively available from us and costs €12,50. To order, please send an e-mail to Marijke (m.wiesenekker@t-online.de) and/or Michiel (m.a.wiesenekker@t-online.de) with the following subject “Order: audio-compilation Wouldn’t Listen“. You can pay with PayPal or IBAN, and we will send further information after receiving your order mail.

Best regards, and enjoy the music!

Marijke & Michiel Wiesenekker